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Originally Posted by lukeiamyourdad
I voted maybe, I'd like to see more but I think Petroglyph has done a decent job with E@W. Yes, it's simplistic and some more "hardcore" RTS players have not been happy. As true as this is, I don't think having a more complex game is the way of the future. Does that mean that they will make kiddy games? I don't think so. Elitists will always make this claim, but is it true? Is an Unreal Tournament player more "kiddy" then a Rainbow Six (except for Lockdown) player?
Both will have different skills in different departments. I think it's the same with E@W and the other RTS.
This message is not intended exclusively for Luke, I'm just starting from here

I think there is a "happy middle" to aim for. I haven't played any of the UT, but I can understand your example by comparing GoldenEye to RS. RS has more brains. Nobody can deny that. GoldenEye is one of the best selling games for the N64 though, because anyone can play and enjoy it, which is not the case with RS.

However, these are shooters, not RTSs. Feel free to disagree, but I think that shooters are simple games. At least simpler than RTSs and RPGs. In WarCraft III, you have to use your hero(s) to the best of his or her abilities, learn how and when to use which units and micro the hell out of everything. In Guild Wars, you have to determine which skills you are going to put in your bar. In Halo, you gun stuff.

Shooters naturally appear to a much broader audience. Adult or child (as if anyone cares for the ESRB ratings), you can find some fun in a shooter. That's why Halo sold that well. I think it did anyway (they even spoke about it at the 6 PM news at TVA with Pierre Bruneau! (Quebec pun)).

For a strategy game, people are expecting more. Just take a general gamer's point of view. Why in the nine hells would I play Empire at War if I can play Rome:TW? Like you said, there will always be SW fans. The problem is this : EaW's *only* advantage is the SW licence. And that's only an advantage for us, SW fans. Others don't necessarily care. And it's probably a disadvantage for some people.

Of course, SW games will survive for quite some time because it's Star Wars. But for how long? The movies are over. And who knows what the TV project will look like? George could just ruin what's left of Star Wars. And a TV series is not as good as a movie, as far as marketing is concerned. I consider myself a great SW fan, but I never saw a Clone Wars episode. And I'm sure I'm not alone.

All this to say that liscence is not everything. What's the next step? Battlefront III that will include a mix of BF1 and BF2 maps and add Ewoks and Gungans as a playable side? Star Wars : Gungan Sub Racing? LucasArts Learning : Looking Creepy with Palpy?

It can't go on forever. If they don't produce anything really good (with new, unique features), SW games will not survive.

Oh, and time to change your avatar Luke

As a side note, am I the only one who always experiences crashes with IE whenever I post replies of more than 5 lines? I'm off to dl firefox to see if it's really better.

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