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Petroglyph Community News

Hi guys,

I want to introduce to you our newest member of the Petroglyph team, Kevin Yu, who will be better known to you as SAGEKING. He will be taking over my spot as the Petroglyph Community Manager. This will allow me to focus in on some very exciting stuff currently in the works for you guys, as well as, give the community a full-time direct contact who can answer your questions in a timely manner. Over the coming months SAGEKING will be setting up many events for the community and also be serving as a conduit to where you guys can relay feedback to the development team. He has a lot of RTS experience and is very excited to be working with you guys.

Thanks guys, we look forward to really getting our community support into high gear for EAW and the future.

Take care,

Lead Game Designer (EAW: Forces of Corruption)
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