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Originally Posted by Darth54
However, these are shooters, not RTSs. Feel free to disagree, but I think that shooters are simple games. At least simpler than RTSs and RPGs. In WarCraft III, you have to use your hero(s) to the best of his or her abilities, learn how and when to use which units and micro the hell out of everything. In Guild Wars, you have to determine which skills you are going to put in your bar. In Halo, you gun stuff.
Yeah, I'm going to naturally disagree In the case of RS, you actually have to plan your every move before you jump into the action. You can't just run and gun (unless you're insanely good) and expect to survive. That's what the mission planning is for It added quite a lot of thinking to the game. From choosing weapons to every waypoint, everything was important.
(I realize that you could load a pre-made plan in campaign mode, but that's about it).

Originally Posted by Darth54
For a strategy game, people are expecting more. Just take a general gamer's point of view. Why in the nine hells would I play Empire at War if I can play Rome:TW? Like you said, there will always be SW fans. The problem is this : EaW's *only* advantage is the SW licence. And that's only an advantage for us, SW fans. Others don't necessarily care. And it's probably a disadvantage for some people.
I have to disagree here too. The fact is, it isn't from a general gamer's point of view. General gamers have stopped playing RTS games.
Secondly, you could add sci-fi fans or people looking for an RTS in a sci-fi setting. Granted, there is better then E@W around, but it fills quite nicely such a hole.

Originally Posted by Darth54
Of course, SW games will survive for quite some time because it's Star Wars. But for how long? The movies are over. And who knows what the TV project will look like? George could just ruin what's left of Star Wars. And a TV series is not as good as a movie, as far as marketing is concerned. I consider myself a great SW fan, but I never saw a Clone Wars episode. And I'm sure I'm not alone. could last longer then you think. We still live and breathe
Seriously, there is quite some life left into the licence and eventually, even Star Wars games of great quality will die out. It's an inevitable fate.

Originally Posted by Darth54
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