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The BESt thing that could ever happen to EaW, would be to make the Space skirmishes fully 3d like the Homeworld Series. Make the Conquest mode way more diplomatic and more indepth, and the land battles more like C&C as in you can build buildings and place them where you need them.

The game is fine now but as everyone will say, it could be so much better. I, personally was starting to tire of the games 'automatic' feel - Most of the actions ingame just felt like they were playing out rather than you doing the playing but recently I've turned into an EaW maniac. This game truly Shines when you get involved in clan battles and fighting for bragging rights. It's all about sifting through the things that make this game mediocre and finding the things that do actually work.

Though... at this stage in the lifespan of EaW, Petro could do worse than to listen to 'hardcore' gamers, as the wider audience will, no doubt, shrunk now to those who hope for more options to come.

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