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Well no kidding. I mean if you have droids half as smart as that you would rule the space combats. W/o need of life support system you can basically just make legless droids with jet engines attached to their bums and a huge proton topedo attached to their nose. A lot cheaper but much much more effective en messe. You basically don't need a "ship" for many things, just a huge hyperdrive with holes/tubes loaded up with these things. Ok, maybe a few other warships and freighters(with lasers) and bombers and transports.

Being droids are also great planetside. Ignoring some more simple biological needs is a plus, but it also mean you can make every every grunt a biochemical warfare agent. You know droids don't get sick or anything.

POINT: even according to starwars world view, CIS is still at least on par with the clones, if not better. Clones winning the war is more of a political schemeing solution than anything else.
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