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Originally Posted by lukeiamyourdad
Yeah, I'm going to naturally disagree In the case of RS, you actually have to plan your every move before you jump into the action. You can't just run and gun (unless you're insanely good) and expect to survive. That's what the mission planning is for It added quite a lot of thinking to the game. From choosing weapons to every waypoint, everything was important.
(I realize that you could load a pre-made plan in campaign mode, but that's about it).
Alright, RS is a... special case. Yup But seriously, apart from Clancy games, shooters are generally very simple. Halo, GoldenEye... even Jedi Academy was a button mashing thing. The difference was that you used a sabre instead of a machine gun. The nice "puzzle/adventure" feel of Jedi Knight 1 is gone. In fact, I'm pretty sure that consoles are responsible for all this. And as a side note, my cousin could do a lot of mission with only 2 people. He's insane

Originally Posted by lukeiamyourdad
I have to disagree here too. The fact is, it isn't from a general gamer's point of view. General gamers have stopped playing RTS games.
Secondly, you could add sci-fi fans or people looking for an RTS in a sci-fi setting. Granted, there is better then E@W around, but it fills quite nicely such a hole.
General gamers have stopped playing RTSs? Perhaps. But then, you'd have to say that the masses of people still playing StarCraft, WarCraft III and even the AoSomething games are all geeks. And trust me, you don't have to be a geek to enjoy WC3.

Originally Posted by lukeiamyourdad could last longer then you think. We still live and breathe
Seriously, there is quite some life left into the licence and eventually, even Star Wars games of great quality will die out. It's an inevitable fate.
Knowing Luca$Art$, I'm sure they will do whatever's possible to milk it as long as possible. And that's the smartest thing to do, from a business point of view.

And SW games of great quality *are* dying at the moment. The last great game we've had was KotOR 2. Commando? Short as a baby's thumb, not modable and horrible MP. Battlefront? Extremely shallow. And don't get me started on Bfront 2.

EaW is a fine game. But it simply does not have enough to secure a spot in the market. In the world of computer games, gameplay is king. LucasArts games (thus SW games) *never* bring something new to the genre. They copy bits of game A, mix it with a tad of game B, put SW skins and voilą! How can they hope to be popular with that? I'll say it again, the only thing that prevents SW games from falling into darkness is the fact that it's about Star Wars. But if they can't even make a revolutionary game that stands by itself (what happened to KotOR), the games *will* die eventually. And judging from the recent releases, I'm not optimistic.

Really, I think EaW is miles ahead of Age of Star Wa... sorry Galactic Battlegrounds. But after 2 months or so, EaW's forums are dead compared to SWGB back when it came out.

But then, my argumentation is quite flawed. My philosophy teacher would be disappointed. The fact is, it's more a matter of personal opinion. And frankly, I have only played EaW for about 2 weeks. And I do regret buying it now. I simply cannot understand why anyone would play this over WC or Homeworld. Or even Rebellion, for that matter.

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