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Chapter 5

Plans in the Making

"You mean you didn't kill him?"

Darth Eviwy raised her hand, prepared to Force-choke Admiral Staryoung, but she remembered herself and drew back her hand. "My intention was to capture him," she said quickly. "To try and convert him. I thought that if I showed him a taste of the Dark Side's true power, he might join me." At least he should have, she thought. I defeated him easily, twice. He has seen and tasted the Dark Side. Why won't he convert?! That question both puzzled and frustrated her to no end.

After Kyle and Jan got away in the Raven's Claw, several Imperial vessels had gone after them in hot pursuit. They didn't catch the Raven's Claw, but they did manage to disable it's hyperdrive. Now the vessel hid somewhere in a nearby asteroid belt, and several Imperial patrols had been dispatched to watch the belt from all angles, waiting for them to come out.

Now Eviwy was standing before the Admiral's desk as he stood behind it, facing her, his palms flat on the smooth surface of the desk.

Eviwy's hair had become undone and some of it hung loosely over her face, but she ignored it. Her lightsaber as well as a blaster hung from her belt, and she held the Sceptor in one hand, leaning on it slightly as if it were a staff. She clenched her other hand into a fist and rested it on her hip.

Staryoung sighed deeply and glanced down at his desk, shaking his head. "Everyone knows that Kyle Katarn and Luke Skywalker are the strongest Jedi anyone has ever heard of. Skywalker defeated his own father and Kyle defeated Jerek, merely by clinging to the Light Side. Apparently this Light Side is strong in it's own way..." He looked up from his desk and met her gaze evenly. "Perhaps it is having an effect on you, as well?"

Eviwy's features darkened fiercely and she aimed the fork-like end of the Sceptor at the Admiral's throat. "I have embraced the Dark Side fully," she spat, her voice clear and deadly. "If I didn't need you, I would have killed you as soon as I first saw you."

Staryoung flinched involuntarily. "I have no doubt of that," he said, his eyes widening. "But," he continued, forcing himself to show outward calmness, "that is because you care nothing for me. You view me as a puppet who has his uses. But someone such as Kyle Katarn, you care about him. You would rather see him converted than kill him." He locked his eyes with hers again, his expression bold. "Just as Darth Vader could not kill his son. Instead, Vader returned to the Light, and betrayed the Empire."

Eviwy's face contorted as she was consumed by rage and anger. She allowed it to well up inside her, and felt the power of the Dark Side coursing through her veins. Kyle's words echoed through her mind momentarily; Luke and I can still sense good in you...

"There is no good in me! Not anymore!" she hissed, and raised the Sceptor, unleashing it's terrible power into the desk before her. Staryoung cried out and leapt away from the desk as pure energy surged into it, burning it until there was nothing left but scorched wood and ashes.

Staryoung stared at her, stunned. His thoughts and emotions played out across his features now, and Eviwy read them as if she were reading a datapadd. He's really frightened now, she thought, her mouth curving smugly. I do not think he will make the mistake of doubting me again.

"Kyle has had his chance," she sneered. "When I meet him again, he will not escape my wrath."

Staryoung only nodded, then slowly got up off the floor, his hands trembling.

"And I believe he will seek me out again, though he won't be unprepared," she thought. "I will take advantage of his weakness. He probably hopes to capture me. But, the next time he shows his face, I will see to it that my face is the last thing he sees!"

The Admiral coughed. "There is one other thing I wanted to discuss with you," he said, having found his voice.

"And what is that, Admiral?"

"We believe that the Raven's Claw sent out a subspace transmission before it went into the asteroid belt," Staryoung said. "We believe that they've told the Republic, as well as the Jedi, about our hidden Imperial base here. If the Republic sends ships, they could wipe out all that remains of the Empire. And if the Jedi arrive with them..." He trailed off, not needing to finish the sentence.

Eviwy sighed. "Then obviously we will need to come up with a battle plan," she said. "We will make our stand here." A wicked smile crossed her face as she added, "And I believe that a prisoner or two will help as well."

"Prisoner?" Staryoung exclaimed. "But we don't have--"

"Oh, we will," Eviwy purred.


"Does that feel any better?" Jan Ors asked, her forehead slightly wrinkled with concern.

"A little," Kyle said with a grunt. He was lying on some blankets on the floor near the cockpit. Jan had managed to land the ship on one of the larger asteroids, and she had been at Kyle's side every since.

Thankfully there had been a small amount of bacta onboard the ship, and Jan had used all of it on Kyle's chest wound. Then she bandaged it up and handed him some food rations.

"We'd better make these last for as long as we can," she said. "There's no telling when we'll be able to get out of here."

"Well, the Republic fleet should be out here soon," Kyle said. "We're not going anywhere until help arrives, not with a busted hyperdrive."

Jan nodded in agreement. "In the meantime, get some sleep. As you said, we're not going anywhere."

Kyle murmured an agreement. He felt tired, and his Force-powers had been exhausted by fighting Jaden, and by keeping himself alive long enough for Jan to use the bacta on his wound. Jan reached over and took his hand, giving it a gentle squeeze. She smiled warmly at him, and he returned the smile, his eyes shining.

He started to close his eyes, but suddenly, his eyes went wide and he gasped.

"What's wrong?" Jan asked, trying to keep her voice level. He tried to sit up, but this resulted in a groan and triggered a coughing fit. "Easy now," she said, gently pushing him back down. "What's wrong?" she repeated, gently but firmly.

"Jaden, she's looking for us--for me," he rasped. "She's using her Force senses to try and locate the Raven's Claw!" He could literally feel her stretching out her mind, her senses, and she could sense that he was somewhere within the asteroid field. All she had to do was home in on him, as if he were a homing beacon...

I hope the Republic fleet gets here soon, he thought. His mouth suddenly felt dry.


Travick was not a true Reborn, but he considered himself to be one. He served alongside with Markal, who had served under Desann, and served Tavion just as loyally as he had his former master. Travick had been recruited by Alora, Tavion's apprentice, and he had trained under Markal.

Travick respected Markal because of his strength and power, but also because he had seen much combat. In Travick's opinion, Markal had more experience than anyone else. And now, the two of them accompanied Darth Eviwy whenever she summoned them, and Markal was her second-in-command. He was in charge of what remained of the Sith Cult when Eviwy wasn't around.

Eviwy is a woman of power, Travick thought with respect and admiration. He felt attracted to the young woman, and he could sense the intensity of the Dark Power that flowed within her. But he didn't actually feel anything for her, any more than he felt anything for Tavion or Alora. She was just another pretty Sith Lady, and they were all the same. Beautiful, and deadly.

They both knew that Eviwy had left the planet's surface a short while ago in order to track down her former master. Most of the Sith were off making preparations to face the Republic fleet when they arrived, but Travick noticed something about Markal. He looks as though something is troubling him. he thought. He decided to ask the man about it, though cautiously.

"Markal!" he called out, approaching his teacher in the corridor. They were the only Sith who were still inside the main Imperial compound, though they were heading toward the exit.

"Yes?" Markal said emotionlessly.

"Is there something on your mind? You seem... distant," Travick said.

"Yes, there is," Markal said. "I have served under three Sith Lords. First Desann, then Tavion, and now Eviwy. Each one has shown weakness. Desann was too weak to defeat Katarn, and Tavion was killed by the hand of Eviwy, who became her successor. But I fear that Eviwy may prove to be too weak to be the leader of the Sith as well."

"How do you mean?"

"She had Katarn in a vulnerable position. She could have killed him easily with a single blow, but I felt her holding back." Markal turned to regard his apprentice stoically. "I have seen how the skilled Masters handle a lightsaber. I have observed both Jedi and Sith in combat, and I can tell when someone is fighting with all their might, and when they are holding back. When Eviwy fought with Katarn, she did not hold back, until she defeated him. I could tell by her stance that, when she plunged her saber into his chest, she was aiming to wound, not kill. That is a weakness, and her weakness is Katarn."

Markal turned away and resumed his walk, Travick walking close beside him. "When the Republic fleet arrives, she will be distracted, and I will use the opportunity to attack her, and kill her." He chuckled softly. "Then I will be the leader of the Sith. And I will be a stronger, more capable leader then Desann, Tavion... or Eviwy."

Travick's eyes widened slightly when he heard this. As he thought about it, he figured that he had two options. Keep this to himself so Eviwy didn't find out, or...

Or he could tell Eviwy, and she might reward him handsomely for it...

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