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Hey! I think I can help you =) I have for 3DS max 7 the GLM Importer and Md3 exporter. First, you must make your model, and export it as a .md3 . Than you must make a skin file for your model. How, schould someone other tell you...then when you have your .skin file, download JK2 skining tools. There is a program called Md3 view. Open with Md3 View your exportet model, and load your .skin file. Than only export that as a GLM (Ghoul2). That's it! ,and you have the glm file.

If you want weapons, email me! I'll do every sort of sabers.

And please, could someone make me some good DBZ models?
I need the folowing:
Vegeta, Gohan (the child, teenage and the BIG gohan...xD), Piccolo, Cell, Buu and Trunks. If you have these models, send me them via email -
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