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Originally Posted by Mike Windu
Holy Jesus. Shadow for diety. That was an amusing post.
You mean like I actually made sense? Man, I need to cut back on the creationist-bashing when I can make sensible posts on the subject at 3 in the morning...

Originally Posted by TK-8252
Hey, who is this so-called "intelligent designer" anyway?

I've seen supporters of the "theory" asked that many times, and yet they can't exactly answer that question...
Depends on what religion. If it's Chritianity it's simply the God of the bible. What more do you need? Or are you really just asking where he came from? Becuase he's always been. I think in any theory of existance you have to have something that's always been there.
As Lenny so often says: Give a fundie enough rope, and he'll inevitably hang himself on the First Amendment.

In order to be considered, "ID" needs to be able to come up with some evidence that there is an intelligent designer.
Ususally, it's paired up with the idea of Irreducible Complexity, which makes it harder to dismiss. Even then, many of the supposedly irreducibly complex organisms that the ID/IC supporters have chosen turn out not really to be IC. Then they move to the next 'IC' bit of life. It's clearly not going to stop them to show that they are wrong in any given situation, and it's impossible to show that they are wrong in all situations.
Woah, woah, woah, wait a sec. The reality-based people here don't need to prove the non-existence of IC. It's the fundies who need to prove the existence of IC.

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