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With the exception of the Han/Greedo scene, I prefer the 2004 DVD editions. I am sure there will still be people who are upset over the upcoming release, as the original cut will only have a Dolby 2.0 mix. I am sure there will still be a group of people who want to pick and choose which Star Wars they have, and will still think George Lucas is the Devil for not releasing the version that THEY want.

Personally, I am happy that he is releasing the original, and I will buy it. I still prefer the 2004 editions, but it will be fun to compare the original to the newest release.

If I had my choice, I would want the 2004 edition, with the original Han/Greedo scene, and have the lightsabers redone to look like Prequel (specifically AoTC/RoTS) sabers. Don't ask me why such little things really make a difference, for I have no good answer. If George Lucas would not have set a precedent for changing movies once they are done, I probably wouldn't even think about such things.
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