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Even if the 2004 Editions were not so shodilly handled with the sound and colors, I'd still prefer the originals in many ways, not just Greedo. I don't care what planet you're from, "Jedi Rocks" is much stinkier than "Lapti Nek" and while the "new ending" to ROTJ is kind of a nice wrap up to the saga, it's a bit distracting from the celebration of ROTJ itself (and the Ewok dancing is a bit out of place with the new music). Plus I have nostalgia for the original ending (and no gungans yelling "wesa free!" argh, Lucas had to rub Jar Jar in our faces one last time, didn't he?).

And Ghost Hayden? What an insult!

Let's not forget the censored Imperial officer killshots in ANH (though the redone TIE/X-Wing dogfighting was cool with the CG I agree) and the badly delivered lines of Ian McDiarmond as the stoned looking Emperor hologram in ESB, and the unnecessary redubbing of Boba Fett to make him less scary as the henchman.

Oola's last scream is cool, but did we need to see Fett flirting with the dancers? Or those super cartoonish new creatures in Jabba's court? How about the slapstick in Mos Eisley? (arggh.. forshadowing of Mos Espa in TPM!)

Luke screams as he falls (Emperor's scream ripped from ROTJ) then he doesn't (good).

Obi-Wan's new "Kraytr Dragon Yell" doesn't sound as scary now. I know it was originally just a modified Dewback growl but still. That would have made perfect sense, since a Dewback would have likely meant to the sandpeople "STORMTROOPERS!" and they would run away scared, since the Kraytr dragon deal is never identified as such in the movie itself (even if that was the original intention).

Plus I miss the original lines ("You were lucky you don't taste very good!" Luke to R2D2 after being spit out by the monster... Han to Lando: "Trust me." when he shoots the tentacle of the Sarlacc).

New CG Jabba is better than old CG Jabba, but the scene was just poorly handled. Same dialouge as with Greedo, stepping on Jabba's tail (doh, more slapstick!), and Fett mugging for the camera.

And those giant "rings" in the Death Star/Alderaan explosions. At first I thought they were cool (even though they were a blatant ripoff of the Praxis Explosion in Star Trek 6, and the nuclear blast in space in Stargate), now I am sick of them. Plus the 2004 set really screwed up the Death Star blast (you can see the blue screen artifacting and all the color is sucked out of it).

While the new sequence in ESB trying to "build tension" to rescue Luke isn't bad I don't think, I do prefer Vader's old line delivery for "Bring my shuttle" where he sounds pissed, rather than a more business like "Alert my star destroyer to prepare for my arrival" (unused line from original Star Wars), and then showing us an unused shot from ROTJ of Vader on the DEATH STAR (rather than his star destroyer... yep, that's Jererrod greeting him with his voice muted out!)... oops.

I liked Biggs, but I wanted to see MORE of him. And why insert a guy walking past to cut off part of Red Leader's speech? I wanted to hear about him knowing Luke's father! But I guess since Lucas decided he didn't want to write that character into the prequels, he just nixed the whole thing.

They looked really cool in the theater I guess I should say (and sounded cool with the shockwave whoosing past you in your seat), but now they just look silly on the small screen, and I'd like to have the old explosions back.

There were just so many unnecessary changes (though the rest I could live with), while they ignored stuff that ought to have been fixed (like the inaccurate Death Star schematics in ANH, or the uncolored saber blades, garbage mattes around ships, etc). I could have lived with the changes if the originals had been available as an alternative. At least that's finally possible now...

I liked the cleaned up video on the 2004 editions, but the bad color timing in numerous scenes, and the audio gaffes were quite annoying and detracted from the experience. The general lack of special features related to the movies was also disappointing (barring Empire of Dreams of course, though it mostly focused on the original Star Wars, not the other two movies, oddly). No deleted scenes, no additional commentaries (Ben Burtt is an awesomely talented sound man, but I'd like to hear somebody besides him for key scenes!).

This is really what they should have done with the first box set.. give us the originals and the new revamped versions side by side.

It's too bad it'll be a "limited release" so I guess I'll have to take advantage, until the next ploy to get me to buy Star Wars again (this is only the third time I'd be buying an official Star Wars trilogy set, total, including VHS releases).

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