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Network / Internet problems

Okay... Ive setup a server,

And I have three computers on my network, I can play a network game fine by me hosting the server and the network computers joining through (My internal ip address). But if I host an online game, where people outside of my network can play, the people from the outside can join easily with

but if computers on my network try to join through no games ever show up. And if they join into the online game via internal ip address ( then the people from the outside can only see me moving (because i am the server) and never see the other network members moving in game, and the other network members, other than me, cannot see the online people moving... what is the problem

so heres how it works

My computer (Can see internet players and Network Players)
Computers outside (Can see me, and each other, but not my other network players)
Computers inside (other than me) (Can see me, and each other, but not online players)

Can someone help!
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