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Our clan is looking for players with good sportmanship and character but also players who are not afraid to take that extra step and learn the inside outs of the game. Our clan mainly plays teambased games, 2v2 and 3v3 and we use and develop strategies aswell as share techniques and help each other out in the forum.

We are currently registered to play in the BSC battleleague and would like some skilled players to add depth to the roster. Out online times are mostly 10pm-1am gmt.

Current Roster is small and we like it that way. Each member is accounted for and we dont have loose players/noobs who just join for the "tag". Dont you just hate it when you join a clan and theres people in it who are nubs and they dont care to know you. Once invited or accepted...each member goes through a trial period whereby skill and potential is tested but more importantly its a good time to get to know the current members and get a feel of the clan. The Trial ends when the player feels he belongs to TFL.
Our clan prides ourselves on the fact that members are intergrated and not just loosely recruited.

Roster :
[TFL]Wikid (me)
[TFL]Apocalyspe (captain)

If you wish to join our clan , please feel free to visit our website and click on "join us". Post an application and members of TFL will request that you add us to Xfire. Then we can get some games with you , then place you on a Trial. Good Luck.

amentments :
You have to be over 15 or over to join.sorry its policy.
direct link to recruitment forum
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