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Publicly distributing Jedi Knight is a very bad idea, if you were sued by LEC and even if they were willing to settle, it would still set you back at least a couple thousand dollars.

Also, JK is still up for download via the link on your forum as of right now. I would start covering up your tracks now in case you get subpoenaed.

I move to have this site link permanently removed due to the decitful claims that the warez was removed - a clear red flag right there, disregard for's policies and a reckless attempt to gain users.

Originally Posted by crisjudigo
I have been looking up alot of different things and have noticed that there are a few dedicated servers out there for Jedi Knight Dark Forces 2.
1, hosted by

Originally Posted by crisjudigo
But do any of you still miss the feeling that the good old MSN gaming zone gave you with its matchmaking service.
Well that is what I am hoping to offer you here! I am going to try and recreate the MSN gaming zone feel with reatime chat, and matchmaking! Come on in and join the fun! Don't let the premade template fool you.

Originally Posted by crisjudigo
I am very familiar with HTML, Actionscripting (Flash)... and C++, I am using premade layouts so that I can devote as much time as possible into creating this matchmaking service.
Hey buddy - somehow I think you aren't as familiar with HTML as you say you are! - I made this site in a couple of hours, HTML, CSS & PHP, with beautiful results IMO. I think if you are really aiming for a "zone feel" maybe you should concentrate on the site design a bit more.

Also buddy - Where can I take a look at some of your past C++ projects? Just to get a feel for your experience, of course

Another thing - is a very poor "short url" service, with heavy advertising every time you visit a page. I would strongly consider some of the other alternatives to shorter url's for your site.

Proboards is also a very bad idea for any serious attempt to host a community forum.

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