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“Pardon me, but you didn’t say that the Chosen One would have any companions.”

Lucia smiled. “Sometimes even saviors need help. Are you scared right now, Jove?”

The Halfling jerked his head towards us. “Skeered? Skeered? I ain’t
skeered!” he cried. Seeing we noticed his worried look, Jove said,
“Well, maybe a little. Unspeakable evil ain’t the easiest thing in the
world to stop, so I certainly would be afraid!”

I nodded and turned to Lucia. “What would this ‘unspeakable evil’ be, exactly?”

“I don’t know, but that’s what I have to find out. The four ancient prophecies
never said what the evil was—only that the Chosen One would defeat it. I’ve
tried asking all of my teachers in the Hall of Knights, but they’ve said that none
of them know either. Prophecies are usually vague, but maybe these four were
written that way on purpose.”

“Great. So we’re going after an evil we know nothing about, just the three of us?”

“It seems that way. However, I’ve heard that the Wyrms might have information.”

Jove was confused. “Worms? What would a bunch of slimy, crawling fish-baits
know about an unspeakable evil that threatens our entire land? They can’t
even talk!”

“Not worms,” I explained. “Wyrms, with a Y. Also known as dragons.” Uh-oh!

“Did you say ‘dragons’? I’m not going on any trip where I’ll get eaten by dragons!”


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