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Is the Star Wars RTS Licence safe with Petroglyph?

That's the question.

Answer, yes!

I'll post something I said in another forum:

At least petroglyph designed a nice interface, very good graphics, and smooth gameplay.

Beef I have with other games (I'll pick on two):

Rise of Legends:

Graphics -- no foot prints (okay it's important to me), the shadows look all artifacted, the animations are ultra slow even with a faster computer.

Interface -- It's clunky and lacking in many features that RON had -- no pause, no halt, no formations, the list goes on. Also, you can't change the difficulty mid game anymore. So if you find the level you are on is too easy, forget just cranking it up, you gotta restart over completely -- blah.

Act of War High Treason:

Graphics -- Pretty much like ROL, lack of footprints, the animations are okay, the shadows look like they are constantly being drawn.

AI -- There is no naval AI. One of the biggest features in the game and they left out the AI naval warfare in skirmishes -- why bother adding naval units?

Empire at War:

Everything is done right. It's not perfect, it's a bit shallow in some areas, and deep in others, but it's a solid package. When they included stuff it's done very well. Nothing 'half-assed', excuse my language.
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