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Indeed, it isn't exactly something any American wants to bring up.

Quite seriously, the men in charge of Guantanamo and Gitmo need to be put into jail immediately. They are a disgrace to our country and do not represent America at all.

Now, I can just see ShadowTemplar ranting about how all this is Bush's fault. If you're reading this, ST, save it. I've heard it before and don't care to hear it again. Quite seriously, the men in charge of this who need jail time (perhaps with some of the detainees?) are the owners, head interrogators, etc.. The people in charge of the building. Even if they did nothing wrong, they sure as hell didn't do right.

As for the movie, I'm not going to watch it. Really, one look at the words "drama" and "documentary" speaks volumes. If this turns out to be a Muslim version of The Passion of the Christ I wouldn't be surprised one bit. I haven't heard of Michael Winterbottom and I can't find any info on his political alignment. A shame. I was interested in this as it would tell all concerning how this movie will be portrayed.

The movie, I noticed, has some scathing reviews about the movie being "unashamedly political", and similar. To be fair, others are touting it as the best movie in a long time. Either way, it slams hard on a scab noone wants touched. I have a respect for Michael Winterbottom; he's got serious cajones putting this to film. I don't know how accurate the movie is; it may be fact or fiction, but either way, based on the reviews, it's terrifying.

My only real concern, however, is the possibility that Muslim extremists will attempt a Jihad in an attempt to free these prisoners. Should they be released? Maybe, maybe not. I'm personally leaning toward the latter, though I'd need more info on each case before I could even decide. However, terrorist attacks aren't the way to go, and I'm hoping against hope the Musims know this. Most do; it's the minority that worry me.

With all that in mind, there is a legal standpoint as well. As sad as this may seem, since they are not legal citizens they have no rights in this country. In layman's terms, that means that so long as they are being cared for properly, they can be detained as long as they want, presumably to collect evidence. That may seem harsh, but it's the truth, until the laws are changed. Which I somehow doubt will happen. I leave it up to you whether that's a good thing or not.

Great that the torture at Guantanamo's getting so much attention.
To be honest, I can't tell if that is sarcasm or not. However, I will say this: I believe that it was good that it was brought up, but it needs to drop. There are other world events in the world. I find it highly disturbing that the Guantanamo story has been covered more than five times as much as the 9/11 attacks. Oh, 3,000+ civilians dead? Meh, a week's coverage, since it's extra big. However, the idea that there may be a mistreatment of POW's? Get's more coverage than I can count; it feels like more than a year.

Of course, I fully expect to get flamed to all hell for what I have said. Go ahead, do your worst. I for one am done for tonight.

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