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This is an Excerpt from the PC Gamer (UK) magazine

George Lucas gets some things right: he may have desecrated the SW universe with his hideous attempts at the Prequels, but the recent RTS StarWars: Empire At War stepped into the original films' timeline and was all teh better for it. You Spread your corruption through the galaxy Far Far Away, using your dark influence to earn money, suck up resources and wage space-and ground-based real-time battles.
The Expansion brings you a new challenge, to go Jabba on the younglings. You're Aspiring crime lord Tyber Zann, who is undermining the Empire, Rebels and Everyone else for the ULTIMATE PRIZE: A SUPER STAR DESTROYER, ELEVEN TIMES the size of the original. There's a Machievellian undercurrent to the action, as you spy, cajole, threaten and steal from the rest of teh universe to fuel your own Infamy
Looks like they've dropped the ball on this....Anyone heard of the Crime Lord Xizor???

They're introducing a New Crimelord with no mention of Diplomacy...

However the little Picture I have before me shows TIE Phantoms, Interceptors, Defenders and the SSD....

I wish they had done a larger pic. You can hardly see it....

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