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Originally Posted by Niner_777
I do think that the clones are better than the droids. A single clone can take out many droids because they have the ability to think. They can find cover. I suppose it is kind of like the American Revolutionary War. The British had way more troops, but they fought out in the open, while the Americans hid behind trees and rocks, which reduced casualties.

However, the droids lost because Sidious wanted them to lose. They might have ended up winning, had they not been shut down, under the order of Sidious.
Well I agree with your second point.

As for your first point:
1) Red is definitely not a good color... you learn that from startrek. It also makes an obvious target.

2) American tactics are better. Even so, there are many external elements to the Revolutionary War, as for CIS vs Republic, there is no known significant external power to interfere.

3) The sheer scale of WoMD is way too different to compare. In starwars both sides have the technology to genoside a whole freaking planet within hours, if not less, also a point mostly avoided by LA and writers.
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