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Sasha: Well, introductions are over. Now, what's happened while we were gone.

Rioko:We recorded it on your computer. I've benn training the new chosen ones. They are pretty good. Especailly Joe.

Joe: Really? Thank you.*smiles in a prideful way*

Milla: What about that other girl. The one who disconected the robot.

Rose: That's Chloe. she's more into fashion than psychic training, but she has great knowledge of cyber robotics.

Ness: Hello. I'm Ness.

Joe: who the hell are you?

Ness: #8 best psychonaut in the world. I've been sent here to alert Agent Nein and Vodello of their mission and replace them here for the rest of the Summer.

Rioko: I've heard of you. You once defeated 3000 state of the art psychorobots in 15 minutes. Is it true you are also an agent of the NINTENDO organization?

Ness: It was 4000 but who's counting. All of that is true.

Sasha: The mission?

Ness: Oh! Right. Here*Hands them a peice of paper*

Milla: I see. Sorry darlings, but we have to go. Lili, Raz. You come too.

Raz: How did you know we were here?

Milla: Try being a bit queiter.

Lili: Ah well. See you guys later.

Ness: Now let's see what level your training is...

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