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Originally Posted by wuyanxu
nVidia because i've always bought their product and my first impression of ATI is that its Linux's drivers are hard to install when my friend had trouble installing it on his laptop.

go nVidia!!!
It's true that ATI seems less supportive of linux drivers than nVidia. Late last year they released a driver incompatible with recently released kernel versions. I had to spend a good chunk of my day writing a patch for it.

nVidia on the otherhand has support for pretty much all of their card's functions (correct me if I'm wrong). Where as ATI typically doesn't have drivers for ATI staples, like TV-in on the All-in-Wonder line.

Sadly I didn't have a say in the specs of my new laptop - it has an ATI chip in it. I'm just lucky I've had experience dealing with their issues on my other boxes.


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