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Originally Posted by Foshjedi2004
SWEET...I actually had a Message Deleted...


Ok...Look here:

The Fact is that XIZOR is already in the game...Just not completely. It would have been a 2 day job adding him back and then as a SubFaction for the Empire add it in. They could have developed the story through the Intervening Years, the Yavin Blockade, Derra IV, Circapous IV, the TIE and B-wing Development Programs, Hoth, Shadows of the Empire....It would have been so Fun to revisit events you play through in XWA, XVsT, X-wing, TIE-Fighter...

As I said...Maybe the Expansion will be pushed Back to February so that they can get the feedback required to Actually make the game We want....
Correction: they would be making the game you want. That is not a game I want, for one. And I can bet its not a game a lot of other people want either. Why? Because other games already deal with that. That would be like making an RTS version of battlefront. Petroglyph is doing something different so we don't retread the same old stories and the same old crap, they are giving us something new.

So don't generalize your wants for the community's wants. It's not very becoming.

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