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Originally Posted by Foshjedi2004
Sorry Xyvik....

Look. This is Star Wars. There is a wealth of Material to work From. IMO they shouldn't have tried to make this game unless they knew that they would piss off the HC SW fans who want to see all the fighters in their Canon Roles.

I just want a game that has everything that happened during the GCW

What I suggest is that you wait for more information. It's really hard to tell what the X-Pak is going to entail from those paragraphs. Perhaps this new crimelord is a subordinate of Xizor. Black Sun IS a big organization, you know. And there are hundreds of potential stories in Star Wars that have nothing to do with your main characters. Just look at all the work done in the "Tales From..." books. People looked beyond the established characters and crafted people, worlds, and stories outside the box, some with excellent results, some with not so excellent results.

The point is that the Star Wars universe is huge. There are billions of inhabitants. Why waste time retreading a story that has already been done in at least 3 other games when you can create something new?

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