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Originally Posted by Darth Alec
Prime, you got the last two quotes wrong. I wrote the last thing.
So I did. Damn Cut & Paste! Apologies...

Originally Posted by Niner_777
I do think that the clones are better than the droids.
They are. But it is impossible for them to be so good as to overcome the absolutely staggering odds.

Originally Posted by Niner_777
A single clone can take out many droids because they have the ability to think. They can find cover. I suppose it is kind of like the American Revolutionary War. The British had way more troops, but they fought out in the open, while the Americans hid behind trees and rocks, which reduced casualties.
Sure, they had better tactics, but they can only go so far. Tactics cannot overcome the such complete numerical superiority. Sure, you can hide behind a tree from the 150 battle droids, but the other 50 are standing behind you. Can't dodge 200 shots at once...

Originally Posted by Niner_777
However, the droids lost because Sidious wanted them to lose. They might have ended up winning, had they not been shut down, under the order of Sidious.
But Sidious also had to convince each side that it could win so that they fought on. If the Republic sees that it has 3 million troopers, and the CIS has billions upon billions of battle droids, surely they would surrender. The original (equally ridiculous) number of the CIS droid army was a quintillion droids. That's right, 1,000,000,000,000,000,000. So that is a 1,000,000,000,000 to 1 odds. Clone troopers aren't that good. Even if they were worth 200 battle droids, I think you will agree that it falls a little short.

Originally Posted by Kurgan
The EU authors, perhaps realizing their mistake, tried to say that the Clones were so awesome they could kill 200 (or 2000) droids before going down. Despite that this is ridiculous considering their performance in the movies (even the Jedi don't do that well!), they would lose badly if this is all they could do.
They (she) did realize that they made a mistake, and offered up yet another retcon to try and make things fit with it, instead of just fixing the original number. The change is that the 3 million were only those from Kamino, and that there were also secret facilities on Coruscant. Also, the Republic grossly overestimated the CIS's numbers due to bad intelligence, and is actually closer to hundreds of millions. And the Clone Wars were actually more like brushfire conflicts...

Secret facility on Coruscant? When did this happen? If the facility was set up after the Clone Wars started there isn't nearly enough time to get them into the field. If it was there before, well, that isn't even worth discussing.

Bad intelligence? Sorry, we overestimate the CIS numbers by about 1,000,000,000 times.

Again, why couldn't they simply change the original number? Afterall, it conflicts with all the previously published numbers.

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