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Originally Posted by Darth_Torpid-PG
Are you really saying that anything new added to the mythology is automatically bad?
Although i stated my opinion above, i do believe that developers shouldn't be put a hang in their necks, move on a small chair where hardly can step and code on their computers...(Torpid: hmm...."10 ways for fully efficient game developement )

Moving a little "out of the line" and don't stick to SW Expanded Universe leaves many spaces for devs to move around; new units, new worlds, new stories.

Besides, Force Commander used a simple story of two brothers that joined Empire, unknown to the rest SW "universe", but the storyline was (personally) frigging nice for a first 3D RTS.

So, you don't know anything about that new rogue who wants an 11-size SSD. In the end, he might turn to rebels and save galaxy from a X,Y,Z,... threat. Or turn to empire. Or move on and become new emperor. Or wreack havoc in galaxy with piracy.

Non-linear storylines are, nontheless, in fashion afterall .

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