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Alkea was running through the swamp with great speed and dexterity. She flipped over fallen branches and climbed the many vines. She fell once over a hidden root and fell, scrapping her knee but she welcomed the pain. She got up and again kept running. The pain was nothing compared to what her heart felt. For a time she had been living on Dagobah, training in an effort to forget her pain. She had hoped that she would be able to let go but she hadn't let go of that battle still etched in her mind like a raw scar. For many months she had been training and her body reflected it becoming hard and muscular to a point where she didn't look like the little sister of Komad anymore. She learned new maneuvers in her stay and develooped an increased awareness of her surroundings. She didn't maintain contact with anyone save one and that was her secret to tell.

High above the planet of Amshrey, Cronus Tyrannus gazed at the surface. From space it looked like a peaceful and beautiful world. He knew different. In the months that passed, he gave the impression that he wanted to conquer as a Sith but had no desire to. He had allegiance to no one except to the Force. A strange one due to the fact that he was neither a Sith nor Jedi. After the incident on the command ship above Rhen Var, he changed somewhat, much to his chagrin. He knew that Dar had taken half of the galaxy and the Jedi were floundering. He saw the Republic in shambles if it kept going the way it was going. Feeling a surge of annoyance, he headed towards his shuttle. He promised never to go there until he was sure she was ready but time was shortened now. He had to somehow get her to return back.

Back on the Star Destroyer, Greea answered her husband, "A tremor in the Force. The last time I felt it was above Rhen Var."
She knew what it was. She knew that Tyrannus was on the move again. In the back of her mind she wondered about her sister-in-law Alkea. She had taken off and hadn't been heard of since. She hadn't become one with the Force for even Komad would have been able to sense that. She continued to gaze out at the world of Taris.

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