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Chloe:Oh yeah! Take this!*Attacks Rioko*

Rioko:*utters a strange word*

Chloe: *Faints, but with eyes open and missing a pupil*

Joe: What did you do?

Rioko: I used my energy to put her into a 1-hour sleep where she will fell the worst pain in her life through her nightmares.

Sasha: Wee, it's time to go. Good bye.

Milla: Good bye, darlings.

Lili: See ya.

Raz: We'll be back soon

Ness: First, go sleep for around 3 hours. It's getting late. After that you will have your morning 8-hour training.

Rioko: What is this "sleep" you speak of?

Rose: 8-hour training!?

Joe: three hour sleep!?

Yunnie: I'm not a morning person.

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