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"Damn," Chloe thought, mentally unstable. "Did I get into the vodka again?" She opened her eyes and saw herself as a baby. She was in a hospital room, two tall shadowy figures stood outside a window. They then walked away. Her parents had abbandoded her as a baby. She was put up for adoption, and sent to NYC to live with a foster family.

End flashback!!

Next, there was a white room. She sat in it very young, needles surrounding her. "Don't worry sweetie." Said a doctor. "These will fix up those crazy psychic powers of yours. Say bye-bye to them." Next thing, blackness.

End Flashback

Chloe then walked down a hallway, age 10. She ran into a boy. "Uhh, sorry." he said. Chloe had liked him for some time. He liked her. That was when she finally met her ex. We all know why she'd regret that.
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