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Originally Posted by Darth_Torpid-PG
Almost every Star Wars game in existence adds new material. Remember that the definition of "canon" material is anything that appears in the movies - and that's it. Many of the things people are asking for are EU (including every character you mentioned above) and are "new" to people who only know the movies. Some of the best Star Wars games are completely new material (Knights of the Old Republic anyone?). And honestly, did anyone know who Grand Admiral Thrawn was before "Heir to the Empire" was written? Some people still don't know who he is. Are you really saying that anything new added to the mythology is automatically bad?

That said, many here are basing assumptions on a very short article with little actual information in it. Just because we are adding new material does not mean that some of the things you mentioned are not in the expansion - which is why I suggest that you wait until more detailed information is released before going off the deep end. As I said above, I really can't say anything more at this time, but I (or SageKing, or Delphi) will answer more questions as soon as the official announcement is made.


guys lets wait before we jump to conclusions eh?
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