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The morning was just as dreary as the last in what Alkea called a slimy mudhole. She was out doing strengthening techniques when a familar voice said, "Training in mud? That's a new one."
Turning she saw Tyrannus not looking a day over thirty though she found out that he was actually over a hundred. He was looking at her with an observant expression and was dressed in robes like a Jedi but black and the hood was up. She got up and dusted herself off and replied, "What do you want?"
Not taken aback by her bluntness he responded, "What my people have always wanted: balance. Tell me, do you still think that three years of exile and intensive training will erase the memory, the wound?"
Alkea replied, "What do you think? You sent me here."
"You came here yourself. I suggested time away from politics to reconnect. Your powers seemed to have diminished the last time I saw you and now you have acquired them back."
"I had a lot of time on my hands."
"Time is something we don't have a whole lot of. The time exile is over. You must return."
"I can't. It's..."
"Still painful? The fact that your brother saved him and then what controlled you killed him? The fact that you loved him?"
"He betrayed us and yet I still loved him," and a tear splashed down.
"Betrayal happens all the time. Let it strengthen you, make you wiser in the ways of the galaxy. My people wouldn't have survived for over a hundred thousand years if they let every betrayal get to them," seeing that she wasn't moving or going to say anything he turned to leave. Before he left, he said, "But I see I am wasting time here. Go back to your pathetic hole and stay swallowed up by guilt and pain. Perhaps you won't have to see your brother's fate."
That turned her on. Next to him, Komad was the most important person in her life and she wouldn't let anyone harm him or her sister in law Greea. She realised that Tyrannus' paradoxical conversations were right in their twisted way. If anything he had never betrayed them; he was always right. She turned and said, "Wait. Where do I go?"
Turning slowly Tyrannus faced Alkea and said, "Taris."

Unenthusiastically yet determined, Greea had her lightsaber in her hand but unignited. She would fight for the Jedi but she wasn't anxious to kill. The incident at Rhen Var proved that killingalways had pain no matter who it was. Once again her thoughts drifted to Alkea and turning to her husband she saked, "Is there anyway to call her even if it is through the Force?"

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