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None replied to this..
I found some of those textes, hope u know what i mean.

Sariss: Of all the Dark Jedi I have met, Sariss is the one I can say... I fear.
Powerful in both the mental and physical arenas of the Force, she is a master, a perfectionist, quiet and reserved.

Boc: I cannot abide this creature named Boc. He is one of the few that actually uses two lightsabers in battle! Only a Dark Jedi can he be.

Jerec: His heavy brow overshadows the empty recesses that normally embrace eyes. Jerec has the uncanny ability to overshadow one's connection to the Force... like a dark cloud. A deep, empowering grasp of your will is what you need.

hope u can help me to find out what Rahn is saying about the other dark Jedi.

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