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TK-8252 is very correct. The reason why Bush's approval rating is low is because conservatives are pissed off about the way he's going about things.

Of course the left likes to believe that people are moving to their side though this couldn't be further from the truth. Conservatives are bitter about Bush's pro-immigration stance.

As far as Gitmo? Wow it just constantly amazes me that this is looked at as the new Gulag in the world. Regardless of whether its right or wrong, I think Amnesty Intl. and the rest are wasting their time on 300 terrorists when they could be leveling criticism on China for jailing innocent bloggers. Or how about North Korea's real gulags? How about Belarus?

Furthermore, people in Gitmo were captured on a battlefield known as Afganistan. When someone is taken into custody during a war by a Geneva Convention signatory they are awarded rights only if:

1. They have papers proving that they are a soldier with a Geneva signatory.

2. They are wearing a uniform.

Combatants on the battlefield that are caught without their papers or uniform are considered spies at best.

This means that they can be lined up and shot immediately after there capture. This also means that the victor can torcher, degrade and basically do what ever they wish with the captured soldier.

Instead, we put them up in Gitmo. They live in conditions that would be heaven compared to how the homeless in this country live and people still cry about it.

Detainees in Gitmo are LUCKY to be there. They are LUCKY that they are torchered with sound, sleep deprivation..etc instead of electrodes on their crotch.

Furthermore many detainees at Gitmo have vowed to continue their Jihad.

I wonder how Duke La Cross players are considered guilty until proven innocent though when it comes to enemy combatants it's the other way around?

I know that I'm going to get a wave of criticism for this piece, feel free too... I'll be happy to respond.
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