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Matthew stood up, nodding to Komad as he walked off, Matthew was left standing, but before long he was calmly walking down a hallway to the tubing, taking an alternate route than the commando's. He made it halfway there when he met up with a Sith, a Dark Jedi brandishing a doublesaber. He blinked a few times, nodding to himself and twirling his saber in his right hand and igniting it, putting one hand behind his back and positioning one foot behind his other, a style long forgotten, used against double-bladed weapons. He had learned it when he had free time, against Alkonium's will.

"Come.." He said, pointing the saber towards the Sith. The Dark Jedi rushed towards him, pulling into an intricate twirl, the saber blades spinning around his body and one coming down hard onto Matthew vertically. Matthew quickly brought his amber blade upwards, striking hard against his, pushing away and leaping over the bottom saber blade and leaning towards a wall in mid-air. He managed to kick off of the wall and twist into a roundhouse kick, his right foot connecting with the Sith's right side of the jaw, making him spin backwards onto the ground, his saber rolling feet away.

Matthew landed and aimed his free hand at the doublesaber as it leapt towards him, but was caught in mid-air by the Sith's own pull. For moments, this kept on before the Sith dived forward, catching his saber and igniting it, swiping left and right at Matthew, each slice being deflected masterfully with one hand. Matthew managed to leap over a low swipe and while the Sith was crouched, he flipped over him and ran down his back, knocking him to the floor.

Matthew turned around and front flipped onto his back, but was caught and thrown towards a wall by a Force push from the Sith. He flipped forward and landed sideways on the wall, jolting out towards the suprised Sith and driving his shoulder into the Dark Jedi's stomach, knocking him into the wall. Matthew flipped away from this attack and stuck his free hand out as the Sith's fallen saber jumped to his hand. He threw out his own amber saber as it struck the falling Sith across the chest, finishing him off before he landed onto the ground, dead.

Matthew started walking away as his saber spun back to his backward-facing hand. He sheathed his saber and stuck the doublesaber in his sash, heading towards the tubing.
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