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((I would think that she had a lucky guess. She knew of her brother's feelings for her))

Greea tugged on her husband's arm and said, "I think we should help them. We need to cover all the corridors. There is probably more than one point of entry."

Alkea heard the general alert for all fighters to get to their ships. She instead went the opposite way towards where the umbilical was attached to the ship. She had her newly built lightsaber out and ready to go. She caught the attention of some of the Sith and she ignited her saber, the beam was rather white, more than silver. She disposed of the Sith in her waywith relative ease. Putting her well tuned muscles to work, she scampered up the ventilation shaft and concentrated on the Force to lead her to her brother.

Tyrannus had followed Alkea and saw the battle with the Star Destroyer. His shuttle wasn't the best there was to offer but he had operational systems to allow for him to watch undetected. He was hoping to find Dar. Sooner or later what he had forseen would come to pass. He only hoped that Alkea was strong enough.

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