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I can technobabble with some of the best. I knew all that money I spent on college might some day come in handy: I learned big words to use in fanfiction.
Doctor might have me beat in the technobabble vocabulary, though.

The 'sparring' terms are taken straight out of the sword-fighting that takes place in our history re-enactment group mixed with a smattering of fencing/rapier and a sprinkle of martial arts. It's how the sword-fighting community describes the blows they give or take (side/offside head, etc) when they discuss the individual fights or rounds of a tourney with each other, since the fighting is not choreographed. Hubby fights, so I get to see the sequences up close (or can ask him if I don't know something).
The whole fic is meant to be more light-hearted than some fare. That's not because I don't want to do something more serious. However, I write chart notes all day and nearly daily email for my volunteer post. In both situations, I have to be very careful about how I communicate so that nothing gets misconstrued/misunderstood, and it takes a lot of energy for me. Dealing with something in a light-hearted matter means I don't have to take it too seriously, and I can just relax and have fun with it. This means the writing style is adjusted accordingly. Of course, since this is only about the second or third piece of fiction I've written since high school creative writing (a long time ago in a galaxy not so far away), it's equally possible (and very likely greater in probability) that it's just frank inexperience talking.
But the only way to learn to write is to 'just do it'.

Edit--one of the things I did in a grad history course was this exercise where the prof gave us a pile of data and facts, and the 20 or so of us in the class had to take that info and write a 5 page paper on it. The results were very interesting. We all had the same starting info, but we all wrote 20 very different papers based on that. The differences in writing styles and how we each even perceived and approached all that data was fascinating. We had to read them out loud, and we all learned something different from everyone else's papers.

Edit--@Mac--yep, we do have different writing styles--mine's probably more 'social/conversation' oriented than yours and yours is a bit more action/activity and even thematic oriented. Nothing wrong with that, btw! I just happen to enjoy the people stories/witty repartee of the movies and games just as much as the action, and maybe leaning more towards the conversation than action stuff in my case. Just different ways of looking at the SW universe.

@Pottsie: 3 visions so far.
@JM12: When I was running through that part today on my lunchbreak while doing some editing, I had to make sure I wiped the smirk off my face before I left my little office, lest eveyone wonder just what good drugs I was on. I think the staff wondered what the heck I was doing there that made me laugh out loud to myself.

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