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Originally Posted by Kurgan
That's a fine explanation, but the fact that his lightsaber changes color is a gaffe, it's supposed to be blue always, until he loses it on cloud city and builds a new one that's green. In the original movie it was blue/white, it only turned green in the special edition and then in the 2004 edition they fixed it in places but generally screwed up all the saber colors (Vader's appears violent/pink or even orange in a few scenes). This is not normal lightsaber behavior of course, because it didn't happen in previous versions of ESB, ROTJ, or the prequels.

The "final 3 episodes" won't be made, and they don't exist really, except in people's fruitful imaginations. The series ends with ROTJ (Episodes 1-6). Ysalamiri were made up for the EU (Heir to the Empire) and they're supposed to come from some remote planet, so they're a "secret." It's because it wasn't Lucas' idea but something Tim Zahn came up with.
Thats really sad as I've read all 9 novels plus 'splinter of the minds eye' and feel NO closure the way the franchise currently is. Why another set of twins unless there's another battle somewhere ahead in time ??? It makes no sense to me that an Empire that spans thousands of years completely collapses in the span of a few years, and without a second thought of the people out in the fringes of the galaxy doing the work of the empire.

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