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Lightbulb > Anti-Cheat Solution, SithBuster! <

Hi, I've created an anti-cheat system.

Current Status: Try the working proof of concept, available here: SithBuster

If there is a cheat not listed, please send them to me to be blocked. (Email: razoredge<at>charter<dot>net )

Checks that it has an official SithBuster.qvm
Checks that all normal open GL files are unmodified
Clears any openGL hacks (Ex: n7 Multihack 0.6)
Blocks any Injection hacks (Ex: JKBot)

Coupled with (optional) sv_pure 1 to block pk3 hacks, it blocks all known cheats.

Complete list of blocked cheats:

JKbot 1.0
* Unpatched
* Patched

JKbot 2.0a
* Unpatched
* Patched

N7 Multihack 0.6
KPT-JK2 Multihack SP2
n7 Multihack 0.4
xAo Wallhack[beta]
This is a working anti-cheat, what is needs now is some server mods to adapt it by requiring users to have it to join the game.

Optinal list to incorporate:
Possible option to block scripts
Possible limiting/printing of net settings to make sure no one's lag cheating.

Why I posted this here is because I'm calling all mod makers to work with me and incorporate it into their mod. :-) If you are interested, please don't hesitate to email me and we'll get started!

- SaberTooth of

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