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((I think you meant Greea since I'm guessing he never met Alkea ))

The ride down was a bumpy one as Alkea guided the pod down to the surface of Taris. Not willing to crash into people, she aimed for a spot that was clear on Taris on the Upper City. The landing was anything but a soft pillow. Alkea powered down everything and opened the hatch. She helped Greea out who stood by while Alkea pulled gear out of the pod. Greea asked, "Who are you? I don't think I've seen you before."
Alkea didn't say anything except, "A Jedi, nothing more."
She then finished gathering the gear and started walking to look for Komad. She hoped he was somewhere.

((Just reminder: Alkea's appearance changed over a course of three years due to exile and hard training))

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