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Not stupid, lazy.A map is different. You d/l a map only once and you can use it on ANY server that has the map. How many ppl have Sithbuster? Trust me ppl will say: "Another d/l for one server? !@#$ that." Plus the guys who DO cheat just won't take it and therefore can't be detected. And trust me the worst thing you can do is tell someone they MUST do/get this. It's not worth the effort. It's a valiant attempt but games on the whole, crash and burn with this sort of thing.

If you can market it well and get it popular then you'll do good. Now I assume JKbot is the Star Wars version of aimbot. (correct me if I'm mistaken) Here's the problem with that. First lots of ppl (average games) can spot a cheat, second that's for guns only servers which btw either doesn't exist or is in the minority. I mean ppl come to JK games for the saber action. If you're using guns and someone has a saber its autoblocked. Anyway good luck with that.

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