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Chloe: I hate those people. I hate this place. i hate them.

Mysteriuos female voice: I can give you the power to destroy them. You can get revenge. You can kill them.

Chloe: I may hate them, but I'm no murderer.

M.F.V: My name is Takil. I'm sorry but you have no choice.

Chloe: What do you mean "I have no"*Takil posesses Chloe*

New Takil: Now I have a new body to destroy the one who killed me.*Walks outside.* AHHH! Light! I have keep myself hidden in this girl's body till night.

Chloe: WTF happened!? Why am I outside?! I leaving now!

Takil inside Chloe's mind: Nooooo. Do not leave.

Chloe: Wait. Why do I have this compelling urge to stay?

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