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Originally Posted by Master Qui-Gon
Yes, but exploring the worlds, rather than combat, really was the point of the game. I feel I should remind you that this game came out in 1999 and the other Star Wars games out at the time didn't have saber combat that was all that much better. It was really the JediKnight sequels that got all that going.

I like the Theed levels, but I think I like the Mos Espa levels best (although they are slow to load on the PC). I too have done my time as a NO GOOD KILLER! (RAR!)
Well, I kind of agree with you on the world exploration. Tatooine and Naboo levels were quite great.

But Jedi Knight 1's sabre combat *was* nice. Clearly better than in TPM. Of course, it was a bit shallow until JO, but it was great for that time.

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