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Rose felt bad that Chloe was leaving. Very bad. She had felt as if she was sort of a sister to her....

Rose: Rioko! You drove her away! I thought you help people, not scare the crap out of them!
Rioko: I didn't. I-
Rose: You're so rude!

She stormed off to find Chloe to convince her to stay.
She saw her and went to talk to her. But, somthing was differnt...

Rose: Hey Chloe, are you okay?
Chloe/Takil: Hello foolish child. Are you asking to go to hell?
Rose: Wha-
Chloe/Takil: (mutters words) DIE NOW!!!

Rose felt a sudden surge of pain and fell to the ground.

Chloe/Takil: My name is Takil, and never mess with me or this body again.
Rose shot her in the leg, and Takil turned around. She muttered two words and Rose felt another surge of pain, in her heart. Her pupils dissipered and she fell into a deep, deep sleep. (no, she's not dead)

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