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I made a pledge not to write in this forums; however, I thought I would answer this one question. I think it was important to add other elements that were not Empire and Republic to the game. What deeply conscerns me is that this expansion pack has a lot of items, which the modders wanted to create for the game. I know that Petro visits these forums, so I am guessing that the reason why they did not release modding tools (Map Editor, Etc...), and why they keep delaying it, is so they can keep coming to this site and make a profit off of everyone's ideas. Otherwords, they are taking inventory of what everyone is commenting on, and then they are going to sell to you on what you as a modder want to do. Some changes are very logical.

Lets look at what is going to be in the 'Expansion' Pack, which modders were pushing to add themsevles:
1. Death Star that can fire on the fleet.
(I saw this mentioned a few hundred times in these forums.

2. Tie Interscepter & Vader's Star Destroyer
(I know this is logical to add, but it was definately mentioned by a modder.)

This is only a few, but one cannot help but wonder what their intent is, and I think they need to justify their intentions. If you happen to notice that other Lucas Arts games are not getting this treatment.

They are going to sell to us the modders what we want to design for this game, and put a illogical price on the whole deal as well. When will it stop?!

There is no doubt in my mind that they are coming to these forums, so they can make a profit from what they see here. I have seen this before, and I can see it in Petroglyphs actions. What are the chances that they are using these forums as a marketing tool, so they can get more money from the average modder/game player.

All I am asking everyone to do is to think about the possibility...

The price of the Expansion Pack will be about $30-$40, which is the average price for a whole game. They will not sell the Expansion pack for the normal $20. It is all about money, money, money...

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