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Sorry but I've been dealing with finals this past week and haven't had much time to read for pleasure.

I've only read the first couple paragraphs of post #119. It seems to me that you skipped quite a bit of content on Korriban and I don't know if this was intentional or not so I'll wait to hear from you on this before I continue. Basically you go from Danika obtaining the Sword of Ajunta Pall to Danika encountering Sith students after she defeats Uthar Wynn, nothing in between about the crazed hermit in Tulak Hord's tomb, the assassin droid in Marka Ragnos' tomb or any events that occurred within Naga Sadow's tomb, e.g. how she defeated Uthar Wynn and how she handled Yuthura Ban (killed her or turned her back to the light).

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