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Originally Posted by Spider AL
Once again, irrelevant. What's your point here? Because you perceive the ACLU to be pro-gun control, that makes them hypocritical when they leap to the defence of free speech?

Well first of all I didn't bring up the ACLU, I heard people espousing them as righteous and I thought I'd bring up their duplicity.

The simple fact is, you talk to any gun rights advocate and you'll get the real skinny on the ACLU.

Trouble is, people don't care. Personally, for me the 2nd amendment is just as important as the 1st.

The ACLU doesn't see it that way and I think thats wrong. This goes to you too Toms, no right in the constitution shall be infringed regardless of how scary some people might think it.

After all, guns don't kill people....people kill people.

Originally Posted by Spider AL
You referred specifically to the folks in this some deeper reasons as to WHY you think treating the men of Guantanamo as prisoners of war without even according them the same rights as real POWs
Well I did, if you were looking. I stated that they do not meet the legal requirements to be treated as POW's. In my opinion our government has the right to do what ever it wants with them yet we still treat them humanely.

As rccar stated, our military should be thanked for allowing them to practice their religion. Oh and we also serve ethnicaly friendly foods too... how cute.

Now 'humane' is different to different people. I accept that my government might have to make them uncomfortable to extract information. This is a war.

Lastly people are giving me some flak about pointing out a bias against the United States.

There are so many other humanitarian causes that people can get behind yet they want to tackle this one. This goes out to Amnesty Intl. who seems to treat Gitmo as some type of gulag WHEN IT CLEARLY ISN'T!

Toms had a good point that Britain was trying to 'fix' the good guys, though I don't think we need more fixing.

I don't think we need a more sensitive military. I think we need a more sensitive foreign policy and I'll take this opportunity to reveal my criticsm of America's foreign policy....*gasp*

I hate what we did with they hate us.

Oh and thanks for the replys guys, sorry if I didn't get to all of you but I've been busy these days and I hate it!

I'll leave you with a quote from Jakob Kellenberger, President of the Red Cross.

"There is a certain subcategory of individuals who have forfeited their protections under the Geneva Conventions and there is not an obligation to allow access to those individuals."

though he also says

"No matter how legitimate the grounds for detention, there exists no right to conceal a person's whereabouts or to deny that he or she is being detained,"

I disagree with Jakob. If you're not a POW you don't have any rights and that sounds pretty cold but for me, with my family background and the people I know in harms's pretty hard to feel sorry for them.
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