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Originally Posted by KyleOfHarpenden
i dont think maul would even be able to scratch sidious hes more of an assain where as sidious relys on the force powers more, Dooku owuld have just cintinued the way of the sith (2 so kill his master) because Obi-Wan had acess to him it would be easier, and dooku can stop lightnin so he would have some chance against sidious but he did train Qui-Gon so i think he just wanted to see how strong his apprentices apprentice was in a way because Qui-Gon was one of the greatest jedi(Trained himself to have life after death!) so maybe thats y Dooku wanted him to learn how 2 stay alive forever.
i never understood that, in the end of the third movie it said something about Obi-Wan being able to meet his old friend then Obi says "Qui Gon" then it cuts the scene, so could someone enlighten me on this?
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