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Originally Posted by cutmeister
This seemed strange to me. IIRC Ajunta Pall's sword in the game was double-bladed. I reviewed the sword's description in post #116 and you don't indicate the sword is double-bladed. Not that big of a deal but I was trying to figure out how Uthar pulled a double-bladed sword out of its sheath. The way you describe how these double-bladed swords work in Star Wars: Beginnings, where the double-bladed sword folds in half, works much better for me. But it seems like you have made Ajunta Pall's sword a single blade instead of the double-bladed version shown in the game..
Would you belive I never actually drew the sword in the game? Easily remedied.

Originally Posted by cutmeister
I liked most of the alterations you made to the story in Naga Sadow's tomb. The method Danika employed to eliminate the two terentatek definitely made use of available resources, turning the traps meant to kill her against the beasts of the dark side. Very ingenious. And using the keys instead of the hot and cold grenades from the game was much more realistic to me..
Thank you. The smart people I played against when I was DM taught me this one.

Originally Posted by cutmeister
On a tangential note, one of the aspects of the Korriban story I had a problem with from the game was the location of its star map. It doesn't make sense to me how a 25,000 year old star map ended up inside a Sith tomb, know what I mean? In any case, I digress so back to my other thoughts on your Korriban tale..
My thought was that the Star Map was in a cave, and when they began constructing Naga Sadow's tomb, they found it. It would explain the cruciform Layout because Sadow is entombed down one of the arms.

Originally Posted by cutmeister
I was disappointed in how short the confrontation between Danika and Uthar was. I expected a higher level of lightsaber combat skill from the master of the Sith academy. To have him go down in about three moves, maybe 10 seconds of combat, seemed pretty weak on his part. Perhaps you wrote it that way to facilitate Yuthura not having to actually fight Uthar but I think there were other things you could have had Danika do to Yuthura to get her out of combat. Perhaps you could have had Danika place Yuthura in a stasis field or something that would have immobilized her for a longer time and thus allowed a more challenging and time consuming fight between Danika and Uthar..
Actually, the fight when I played it the first time lasted about the ten seconds I described. The biggest problem I have with most RPGs is that the higher level you are, the harder you are to kill. I'm not saying a veteran isn't dangerous or efficient at defending himself. It's just that a lucky break will kill you just as dead as that novice with one shot. I could make it longer, but I'll have to consider it. As for Yuthura, I just wanted her out of the way long enough because she would have probably held back just from the shock.

Originally Posted by cutmeister
The way you had Danika relate to Yuthura about slavery made good sense to me, in essence asking Yuthura the question, "So what have you really done to help slaves since you came to the Sith?" helped her step back and review her actions and how they didn't really accomplish her goal. However I do wonder why Yuthura didn't go through the shyrack cave as Danika advised her to do and ended up going into the Sith Academy with Danika instead. Not to say that I think having Yuthura get killed in the Sith academy doesn't work for me but just that I wonder what happened to make Yuthura go with Danika instead of escaping through the shyrack cave.

The biggest problem people have when they go down dark paths like this is that the reason they did is obscured. If you've seen the 3rd Batman movie, Val KIlmer as Wayne said it best. You go out to find and kill one man, but eventually you find that even if you caught him, you can't stop because the hunt chase and kill becomes your life.

Originally, I did have her escape through the cave. But I wondered if maybe she'd want to start out her new life by atoning for her old one. It could go either way.

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