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Has it been two months since version 0.2 already? My my, doesn't time fly?

So it's about time then: version 0.3 is now available!
It's new features are:
  • Animations! Yes, the models animate!
    Thanks to Creed for helping me figure this out.
  • Colorization. Select a color in which to view the unit. Matching the game's multiplayer colors.
  • Bones. View the bones as they animate with the object.
  • Model information. See all the detailed information of the model including triangle counts, skin mappings, etc. Basically most of what's specified in the file
Get it here:

There, now that that's said, a few remarks:

I've upgraded my DirectX SDK, so instead of possibly missing d3dx9_25.dll, you could be missing d3dx9_29.dll
My site explains where to get that file.

It may, repeat, may, be possible for certain models to have weird (or no) textures. This is due to a strangeness with the shaders and texture coordinates that I need to figure out. Most models are okay though.

And don't cheer too soon; no convertor yet. Parts of the object and animation files are still unknown. As great as it may look right now, quite a lot of stuff that's under the hood still has to be figured out.

Anyway, as usual I'd love to hear from y'all. is offline   you may: quote & reply,