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(Guys, since I'm quiting the foarms, I'm just going to kill my person.... somhow)

Yunnie looked around the camp, sincing somone watching her. She kept walking around and finally sighed. She was upset about all of the things going on. Death almost happening. Sadness. Annoying fasion designers. Yunnie was sick of it all. So, she sighed again.
"Why hello, Yunnie," called a voice. " I think I'll take your crystal now."
Yunnie turned around, seeing Lobato. "Oh really," she said. " How ya gonna do that?"
" Easy. LIKE THIS!" Lobato took a knife out of his pocet he used for his dentist days.
Then, he dissapered. "Wha, where are yo--" Lobato was behind her and had stabbed her in the back. Blood running down her back, she fell over and mumbled, " I-I really... messed up."

"And I'll just take that," he said, pulling her crystal out of her poket.
"One down, four to go!" he sang happily. He quickly teleported out of the forest. Rioko and Joe had arrived at the scene, seing Yunnie on the ground, bleeding.
"I- Is she dead?" Joe studdered. Rioko looked at her, saddly.
"Yes," he said, swallowing hard.

(Fin, for me)
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