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Originally Posted by cutmeister
Question 1: Is a Rakatan star map able to be moved? I don't know but I think it quite possible that the star map would have required extra special care if it would need to be moved out of a cave and into a tomb if it was to retain it's functionality. .
I don't think it was moved, I think when it was found it was left where it was with a few approprate embellishments such as the kneeling statue.

Originally Posted by cutmeister
Question 2: Why would Naga Sadow, a Sith Lord, have his sarcophagus placed in a non-focal point of his own tomb? IMO this action would be unexpected from someone who sought power for himself. I think that switching places between the Korriban star map and Naga Sadow's sarcophagus would make more sense, e.g. the star map on the left arm of the cruciform and Naga Sadow's sarcophagus placed at the top.
I looked at it from the building viewpoint as a booby-trap fanatic where sometimes you have to make do with what you have. They start building a straight shot and run into the star Map. Sadow didn't want it destroyed or moved, so he added the two additional arms after installing the acid trap etc locking the keys in the far right one, etc. You figure, which arm is the most important, the heavily defended one where you have to face Terentateks, find the keys, then use them? Of the one with a relatively simple puzzle?

If you check the layouts of the actual tombs of the Pharoahs, you will discover a lot of misdirection was used.

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